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The three most common sizes, according to the International Standards Organization (ISO), are 20 feet, 40 feet, and 40 feet “high-cube.” Explore our containers for sale to discover additional sizes, dimensions, and technical details.

The new ISO containers are made of steel, and the floors are made of marine-grade plywood.

GermanGlobe Crate Co. offers a range of containers, including both new and used units. New containers are sourced directly from the factory and are designated as one-trip units, having been used to carry freight only once. Used containers are available in various conditions, and GermanGlobe Crate Co. classifies them into four categories.

GermanGlobe Crate Co. offers used shipping containers in various conditions, classified into distinct categories:

1. IICL (Recommended by the International Institute of Container Lessors): These containers meet uniform standards, are of the highest quality, and are suitable for long-term use on ships, storage on land, or modifications.

2. Cargo-worthy (Not repaired or maintained in accordance with IICL guidelines): Containers in this category can still hold cargo and are ideal for storage or modifications on the ground. While they can be used on international ships, they require approval from a third-party container surveyor. Some may have minor rust spots and dents.

3. Wind and waterproof (A standard slightly lower than cargo-worthy): Although not meeting international marine standards, these containers are suitable for land-based storage due to their windproof and waterproof qualities. They may have minor rust spots and dents.

4. As is, where is: Sold in their current state, these containers may have dents, rust, holes in the floor, or other issues. They are suitable for non-transportation purposes, such as fencing, walls, barriers, or other creative uses.

Containers serve a multitude of purposes, including storing moisture-sensitive items, shipping goods internationally, creating portable offices and bathrooms, constructing modular buildings, storing machinery and equipment, establishing military command centers, crafting hunting shelters, and more. Explore our shipping container customization and modification options to discover the most common alterations.

If you want to use the container for international shipping, a third-party container surveyor will need to check it out and give you a certificate. This process can be made easier with Interport.

GermanGlobe Crate Co. collaborates with external trucking companies for its delivery operations. Containers are transported to their destination using flatbed, tilt-bed, low-boy, or chassis trailers. It’s important to note that if a flatbed, low-boy, or chassis trailer is employed, a forklift or crane is required at the delivery site. Alternatively, customers have the option to arrange pickup by a trucking company of their choice at GermanGlobe Crate Co.

Ensure that your shipping container is positioned on stable, dry, and level ground, such as pavement, gravel, or compacted soil. If the container is transported by a flatbed trailer, it’s essential to have a crane or forklift available at the delivery site to lift the container off the truck.

A 20-ft container, with a width of 12 feet, requires 60 feet of straight running room for delivery without turns. Similarly, a tilt-bed truck delivering a 40-foot container needs 120 feet of straight running space. The container’s width is 12 feet, and for proper clearance, a height of at least 14 feet is required above containers on a chassis/tilt-bed or low-bed (low-boy) to avoid obstacles like wires. If the trucking company cannot complete the delivery, the customer is responsible for covering all associated trucking and shipping costs.

GermanGlobe Crate Co. features an on-site workshop specifically designed for making modifications to shipping containers. Clients frequently opt for alterations such as door and window installations, electrical wiring, HVAC systems, and the addition of roll-up doors. Various customization options are available to transform the appearance and functionality of containers.

Once you’ve placed an order for your shipping container with GermanGlobe Crate Co., an invoice will be issued. Upon payment via check, money order, wire transfer, cash, or credit card, GermanGlobe Crate Co. will release the container either directly to you or to the designated trucking company handling the delivery. Online payment options are also available on our website for your convenience.

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