ALL Container We Sell Comes with Our Guarantee

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Container Warranty Does Not Cover Contents

Examine your delivered container thoroughly. Be aware that the warranty exclusively applies to the structural stability of the container and excludes coverage for its contents or aesthetic concerns, such as dings, dents, or surface rust. Prior to utilizing the container, carefully assess the condition of its doors, floors, and roof.

Customer Pick-up Units Must be Returned for Repairs

When collecting your container or arranging transportation, it is crucial to inspect the container at the depot before departure. Containers that do not meet the specified warranty criteria can be declined. If the units are not delivered by us, they must be returned for necessary warranty adjustments.

Money Back Guarantee Does Not Include Trucking

We understand that circumstances can shift, but please be aware that refunded amounts for returned equipment will be reduced to account for trucking expenses, including the additional costs incurred in collecting and returning the container to the intermodal depot. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Guarantee:

Sealing Doors

We assure you that every container we sell is equipped with functional gaskets and doors that close properly.

However, it’s important to note that placing heavy items on one side of a container or situating it on an uneven surface might occasionally result in misaligned doors. Even seemingly flat surfaces may have a subtle slope over 20’–40′, causing the container to tilt just enough to affect door alignment. To ensure your doors are straight, it is recommended to place wood blocks or railroad ties under the door frame. Please have these ready upon delivery as they are not provided by the driver.

Prior to reaching out to us regarding warranty concerns, kindly verify that your doors are properly aligned.

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No Leaks

We guarantee that your container will be leak-free upon delivery, and if not, we’ll promptly address any issues. Throughout the warranty period, we commit to ensuring your container remains watertight, excluding coverage for contents. It is advisable for customers to routinely inspect containers for potential leaks.

As containers are stacked during shipping and warehousing, the roofs may acquire dents and dings. If water accumulates in these imperfections, rust may develop and lead to holes. While small holes can be remedied with caulk, larger ones may require a patch. To prevent such issues, it is recommended to regularly check your container and apply metal-friendly paint to the roof.

Floors Free of Holes

A cargo-specific shipping container is designed to accommodate over 40,000 pounds of cargo. While storage grade containers (MSC) may not entirely match that capacity, we assure that the floors are void of holes and soft spots, ensuring they are ready for use. It’s essential to note that preventing exposure to standing water is the most effective way to avoid the development of holes or soft spots in the floor. This precaution helps prevent rusting of the steel cross-members beneath the floor.

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